Soundquriang 8: Reminiscence of Nusantara

Soundquriang is the largest annual event held by PPIA Macquarie, promoting Indonesian art and culture through music as the medium of interaction. This concert aims to contribute to solving the social challenges persisting in Indonesia, specifically children-related issues, by donating 100% of its profits to a selected cause. The name ‘Soundquriang’ combines the element of ‘sound’ and the epic Indonesian legend of  ‘Sangkuriang’.

Continuing the legacy of prior years, Soundquriang 8 will be held as a means to uphold Indonesian art and culture through music by inviting well known Indonesian artists to the concerts. Performing their Indonesian chart-topping singles, the artists are sure to be a sensational hit amongst the Indonesian community. Unfortunately, the world has not been fully recovered from COVID-19 outbreaks. This urges us to move adaptively and change the perspectives on how to approach these limitations, which in this case, adapting Soundquriang to be an online project once more.

Reflecting on the success of last year’s online adaptation, Symphony of Satoe Noesa, PPIA Macquarie decided to present another virtual charity concert, Soundquriang 8, that highlights the Reminiscences of Nusantara musical journey. With Happy Hearts Indonesia, this event aims to alleviate persistent educational issues in rural areas of Indonesia. The charitable aims of this event are central to its concept and purpose.

Watch Symphony of Satoe Noesa

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Our partnership with Happy Hearts Indonesia (Yayasan Hati Gembira Indonesia) aims to support the reconstruction of more schools affected by natural disasters around the country. In the spirit of creating a greater impact, Happy Hearts Indonesia is also supporting local communities by rebuilding sustainable schools in underdeveloped areas. Rebuilt schools are equipped with proper furniture and facilities. Additionally, they provide and facilitate suitable training programs for teachers and students.



Soundquriang 8 will feature highlights from prior years, which will showcase the traditional culture of Indonesia from a musical perspective. Furthermore, this year’s event also marks the advent of our concepted cinematic production that tells more about Indonesian histories. These intuitive additions represent the growth and development of the event and Soundquriang’s commitment to innovating new concepts. As such, PPIA Macquarie will continue to support the foundations of Indonesian culture world widely through several online platforms.


Event Details

Date: 25 September 2021

Time: 20.00 Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)

17.00 Western Indonesia Time


Platform: PPIAMQ TV YouTube Channel


Soundquriang 8 will feature 3 reputable singers from Indonesia that we will reveal soon on our Instagram page, @soundquriang.

This event will also gather Indonesian musicians around the world, which you don’t want to miss!

Be a part of becoming the change you want to see and stay tuned for Soundquriang 8!