Greatest disasters on our planet is the loss of soil

One of the greatest disasters on our planet is the loss of soil! Although soil may seem insignificant, it is anything but. In reality, soil plays a significant role in keeping our planet alive. From plants to animals to people, the importance of soil cannot be understated.

The soil is the earth’s fragile skin that anchors all living organisms. Soil contains all of the fundamental natural resources and basic ingredients for all terrestrial life. Soil is home to countless species and organisms, creating a dynamic and complex ecosystem that is one of humanity’s most precious resources. Soil is also integral to plant growth, water purification and atmosphere regulation – factors essential to the functioning of our planet.

One of soil’s primary functions, aeration, enables plants to survive. As plant roots require oxygen, soil provides ventilation to plants via a connected network of pores that facilitate nutrient supply and the removal of contaminants. Therefore, soil is critical to the continued survival of plants.

Unfortunately, in the past century, soil erosion has become an increasingly alarming problem. The rapid building of infrastructure, coupled with rising rates of pollution, have caused soil to suffer, ruining the biological diversity, stability and fertility of our land. Worse, soil erosion leads to further problems, such as water pollution, which affects the livelihood of fish and similar species. Consequently, soil erosion and decreased soil quality negatively affect the entire ecosystem.

Ultimately, healthy soil is necessary for maintaining a variety of earth’s vital functions. If we do not make concentrated efforts to stop soil erosion and degradation, the agricultural industry will perish, and certain communities will see their quality of life start to decline due to issues like food scarcity. It is up to everyone to do their part for a more sustainable future.


Written by Princess Angeliquerose