From a hopeful vision on paper, meticulous planning, seeking of collaboration and sponsors, tireless nights of rehearsals, and efforts in bringing awareness of the event all in the span of a few months; it is almost surreal that the long anticipated Nusantawa Vol. 2019 is finally over.

Held at the heart of Newtown, the spacious Enmore Theatre was crowded with Indonesians from all parts of Sydney on the night 15th of August, all gathered together to ‘laugh the night away’ – a fitting theme for this year’s event.

There was no doubt that the show was a glaring success all throughout its flow. The traditional Balinese dancers marked the commencement of the show, followed by a smooth transition to a number of great renditions by CHROMATIC band to further warm up the audience.



The entire duration of Nusantawa’19 was carried by the iconic comedic duo ‘Tim2One’, featuring youtubers Tommy Lim and Chandra Liow who successfully entertained the entire hall with their charm and comical improvisions. Understandably, not everything will go as planned hence we hope no one noticed the technical fault of one of our projectors overheating during the drama parody, thanks to the talented acting skills of our PPIA members themselves.

Coming all the way from Indo for this spectacular night, the one and only Afgan dominated the theatre with his presence and amazing voice; even going as far as getting offstage to snap pictures with ecstatic fans who no doubt will remember this moment forever. It was the perfect climax to wrap up the memorable night.

From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank our sponsors of Nusantawa’19 as we would never have been able to pull it off without your sincerest help. We hope you have made a lasting memories from the event that all the committees had worked hard on from the past few months.