Figures show median unit price is projected to be $3.47M over the next 25 years

Leading Australian developer Crown Group is encouraging buyers to invest now with a view to long-term gains – and to potentially triple their wealth in 25 years.

CEO Iwan Sunito says that property is never a short-term game but a long-term game.

The Aussie/CoreLogic 25 years of Housing Trends report in 2018 shows that since 1993 the median apartment value across Australia has increased on average by 5.9% per year, a total growth of 316%, from $123,840 to $515,610. By 2043, the median apartment value in Sydney is projected to be $3.47 million.

“Fundamentally in the property game, you do not wait and buy but you buy and wait,” he said.

“The fact is that property values over the past two decades has proven itself to be a solid investment – proven that the way to invest a property is to buy and wait, and sit on it to play against time.

“We have seen examples in Sydney area where a house that was $100,000 back in 1985, is now worth $2 million, that is 2000% per cent growth in 34 years or 58% per annum flat growth.

“Buy the asset, never sell it, and enjoy the growth in capital gains in order to build your wealth or your equity. Today, you can hardly imagine Sydney’s median apartment price will triple in a few decades, and likewise, people 25 years ago, could never expect the median unit price would be $753,304 today.”

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