Nusantawa 2018 was a glaring success with all tickets sold, positive reviews and a lively atmosphere. The event turned out to be everything the organising team had envisioned it to be.

From the beginning, Nusantawa was to bring people together with music and laughter, fostering a greater community spirit among Indonesians living and working in Sydney. In its first year and second year, 2016 & 2017, Nusantawa was a comedy show with stand-up comedian Pandji Pragiwaksono headlining the event. He had come to Sydney for the purpose of his world tour, Juru Bicara.

After a one year hiatus in 2017, the 2018 executive committee of PPIA USYD brought a revamped Nusantawa back into the spotlight. It consists of 3 segments:  A parody drama, to bring people together with laughter; a stand-up comedy; and a concert to bring the evening to a rousing end. It was and still will be the flagship event for PPIA USYD.


The event began with a band performance followed by a 15 minute drama. However, with the ever increasing hype of the audience, and Darto’s & Danang’s contribution to the drama performance, it continued for an additional 30 minutes reducing the audience to fits of laughter. Up next was Adjis Doa Ibu, the comedian, performing for the first time at an international venue. Despite his lack of reputation, he managed to charm the audience with his extraordinary performance within the span of 15 minutes, making a name for himself to more than 700 audience attending that day. The show was far from over. As the audience return to their allocated seats after a short intermission, they stood still, awaiting for the last segment of the show. Soon enough, the stage was filled with Glenn Fredly and the Bakuucakar, occupying the Seymour Theatre with excitement. 10 songs after, the audience chanted “we want more!” as they couldn’t contain themselves, requesting for one last song to be performed. Glenn Fredly and the Bakuucakar accepted the request, performing one last song before ending the night.


This work began in October 2017. The committee consisted of university students with little to no experience in organising large events of this nature. Owing to the small size of Nusantawa 2016 and its absence in 2017, generating interest among sponsors, volunteers and the audience was a challenge in itself.

The lack of experience was demonstrated with the difficulty in adapting to these challenges. In particular, the internal communication within the executive committee and organising committees tended to fall apart quickly when under stress. This had the unfortunate effect of demoralising the various teams, reducing their effectiveness in an already trying time. However, the remaining teams banded together and persevered to get the job done – making Nusantawa 2018 the most successful event of PPIA USYD.