What You Missed at Soundsekerta 2017 : Harmony in Diversity

For the 11th consecutive time, Soundsekerta 2017 was held on the 16th of September at Melbourne Town Hall by PPIA Monash. And it is only fair to say that the event was a huge success. With over 1,200 people attending this event, guest performers Isyana Sarasvati, RAN, and Project Pop managed to pull off a spectacular show!

One of the concerns of holding an annual event is that it could be a disappointment in comparison with the previous years. This is where this year’s vision of PPIA Monash to embrace and accommodate Indonesian students’ ideas and aspirations shines through. “Soundsekerta is the prime example of this vision. Through this event, we aim to provide a platform for all Indonesians in Victoria to gather, have fun, and socialize without any restrictions in terms of age, interest, political views, and other differences that we may have,” said the Project Advisor of Soundsekerta 2017 in her opening speech.

Even before the doors open, a long queue can be seen outside Melbourne Town Hall. The committee then began to count down and people came in with a lot of excitement. The winner of the song cover competition of Soundsekerta 2017, Klaudspirit, was the opening act, followed by a stunning performance of Indonesia’s national anthem “Indonesia Raya” and a rendition of “Indonesia Pusaka” by Grace and Randy.

From “Keep Being You” to “Sekali Lagi”, the beautiful and talented Isyana Sarasvati delivered a top notch performance whilst highlighting her musical skills. There was a lot of interaction with the audience – she dedicated a song to a guy who has been single and even invited a guy to the stage, who then sang one of her songs. Finally, she was joined by Rayi of RAN on stage to perform their collaborative single “Kau Adalah” before ending her performance with “Tetap Dalam Jiwa”.  And, did you know that she was the best graduate at NAFA Singapore?




Soon after, RAN got up on stage with their charisma, which triggered massive cheering from the audience. The audience enjoyed singing along to the performances by RAN – from “Jadi Gila”, “Andai Dia Tahu” to an all-time fan favorite, “Pandangan Pertama”. Also, a female audience was invited on stage and others starting cheering in jealousy as each member of RAN got close to her and dedicated a song. RAN also got the audience to turn on the flashlight on their phones while performing “Dekat di Hati”.

The perfect close to the night was Project Pop, a legendary comedic band. Despite the time being very late, the audience were still up on their feet jumping, dancing, shouting, and singing along to the lively performance of the band. Being renowned for their great sense of humour and the ability to entertain audience, two of the band members sang and impersonated Tompi and Glen Fredly. They left the stage earlier than expected, only to come back after the enthusiastic audience continuously chanted “We want more!” and closed the night with their most popular song “Ingatlah Hari Ini” which was very touching and reminiscent.




It was undeniably one of the best nights of the year, which can be seen as the audience smiled from ear to ear before, during, and after Soundsekerta 2017. Not only was Soundsekerta 2017 enjoyed by Indonesians, but locals enjoyed it as much as they did! One of the locals even got up on stage during an intermezzo and sang one of Project Pop’s songs, “Bukan Superstar”, leaving everyone in awe at how well he knew the song. Music is proven to be a vehicle that portrays Harmony in Diversity, according to the hopes of the Project Manager of Soundsekerta 2017, Christian Pareira.

By: Stella Chandra