On the KHATULISTIWA 2.0 talk show, 9 September 2017, Ursula Tumiwa, Dian Purwati from Green School Bali, and Marsya Gusman talked about how to start a ‘green business’, an eco-friendly business for young people.

“Don’t be afraid to start, just do it! 

Keep pushing. Just do it!”

said Ursula Tumiwa, motivating young entrepreneurs and younger generations and students to have the courage to take the step and take the opportunities and make full use of it.

Many people might feel scared to start a completely new and risky business because of the fear of failure, but that is exactly how people can be successful; by learning from failing and mistakes.

“If not us then who?”

A powerful quote from Dian Purwanti of Green School Bali during KHATULISTIWA 2.0 talk show on the 9th of September 2017. She talked about how can we be more environmentally conscious and how can we make a change. According to Dian, in order to be able to make a positive change in our environment is first of all, complaining will not solve anything.

Secondly, start small. If not us then who?

And third, you can always ask for people help.

Find people or communities that have the same passion as you. Even our smallest daily behaviour will affect our environment. “People might not realise the importance of taking care even the smallest part of our environment. … Like picking up our groceries, which product has palm oil on it and which product is good.” If we start small and continue building them up, we can make a change, we will make a change for a better environment.